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27 October 2011

A Pass4Soccer player in 2009, Dale Robins-Bailey joined JMU and has recently featured in an article written by 'The Breeze' the JMU Student Newspaper. To read the article in full, click here.

In response to the article and a follow up, Robins-Bailey commented,

"All I can say is that I have had a great time so far and I'm not looking forward to graduating! The first two years have flown by. JMU is a really fun place, the school has a great atmosphere, very lively and packed with fun people. They have recently extended the football stadium here to 25000 with a view to even increase it more in the next couple of years! So football weekends are quite a lot of fun around here. We are getting a new soccer facility that we start playing in next season with a new stand and athletics track around it.

The soccer set up here is professionally run and the coaches have a great passion for the game. Coach Foley and Coach Martin are great guys. This season we are having a great run of form even after losing our top player to the MLS last year. The team has clicked with a few more Englishmen, Europeans and Canadians arriving. The whole team is really close and we get on well with each other. That's probably why we are having a good season. Less individuals and more a team I think this year compared to my previous 2 years. The CAA is really strong now with a lot of good quality teams so I would recommend it to anyone. We are currently in first in the CAA with 3 games to go, and numerous top 20 rankings in various polls so we're hoping for a good run in the NCAA tournament as well!

As for future plans I haven't really decided yet although I should be doing soon. I could see myself living out here at some point in the future although upon graduation I would probably go back home for a while. I'm considering grad school or maybe law school, but its going to be where the best opportunities are that i'm going to find myself next. Wherever that may be. I am currently studying sports management with a minor in business which I am enjoying as the business school here is a very reputable one. I feel like I have experienced a lot already and i'm only half way through my time at JMU. I've had the chance to do some travelling as well and see I Virginia as a great place to live."


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