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08 June 2011

Over the years Pass4Soccer has kept a relatively low profile working as a not for profit US Scholarship consultant. Our transparency and Assessment method have become accepted by US soccer coaches across the whole spectrum of colleges and schools in the USA.

In the UK we know we are regarded by these Football Association’s chosen Schools and Colleges bodies as the best in the business.

Over the years we have resisted the temptation to publish the many unsolicited testimonials from the families and parents of the players we have assisted find places in US universities due to the sheer space this would require!

For example Karl Lines, National Football Development Manager of England College Football recently commented to one of the many parents who approach British Colleges Sport and English College Football for a reference,

“The process of attaining USA scholarships and eligibility criteria is quite complicated and with it obviously being a major step for a young person living and studying abroad for up to 4 years, I would advise seeking some expert advice. If this is just an informal phone conversation to find out more.

We personally have used Pass4Soccer for a number of years now as our trusted consultants to advise our national team players. We were getting quite a number of enquiries each year from parents asking which company to use and also from colleges in the USA seeking talented players, so we wanted some experts who we could trust. There are a number of companies out there in the market and they can be very expensive indeed for the level of service you get.

In our experience Pass4Soccer have been fantastic. They were recommended to us also and have a very strong reputation. Daniel Gray and Barry Poole at Pass4Soccer are who I deal with and I can’t speak highly enough about them. Daniel has been there and played in the US, and Barry’s son went through the whole process so they can advise from both angles.

Please do ask them any question you would like to know and I’m sure they will clarify exactly what the financial commitment is, what you can expect and how this works. It is important you are happy with any service available and clear how much this would cost, before making any further commitment.”

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