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SAT & ACT Entry Test Dates

03 June 2011

Student athletes wishing to join any 4 year US university, especially participating in a NCAA or NAIA sports soccer scholarship in August 2012 must book an Entry Test.


The SAT is the most popular. It is strongly recommended you take a test before January 2012 and make the booking immediately. There are only 6 test dates in the UK.

The ACT is also popular and will suit students with good science grades. There are also good standby arrangements for latecomers.


Due to the high demand for SAT tests make sure you book 8 weeks in advance and take the test if possible in October, November or December. The ACT test includes a significant science element in addition to Math and English should be taken before March if possible.

Do not put off taking a test. Even if there is uncertainty about entering university in the UK or the USA, failure to take a test by January could significantly reduce the chance of winning a soccer scholarship and/or the level of awards offered thus increasing the cost of education.

If you are a latecomer having trouble booking a test Pass4Soccer will be able to advise you about a Standby slot.


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